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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The BEST Nursing Pads Ever...

So, remember how I told you in my last post how I got some better nursing pads? Well, I did want to share what they were and where I got them.

Last Tuesday I went to the lactation consultant because I am having serious leaking issues stemming from being over supplied--and whenever I let down, I am covered in my own milk. LOVELY. Extremely embarrasing in public. So, now in my case, these pads help tremendously. Not only with leaking, but with other breastfeeding issues as well..

They are wool. I know what you may be thinking...Wool? Are you nuts, that would be ITCHY! Well, these are not. I will not even buy sweaters with any wool in them because I itch like crazy. However, these pads do not itch. They are made from 100% organic, untreated wool. Apparently the treatments wool receives when turned into sweaters, etc--is what makes them itchy. Well, I learned something new that day.

The lactation consultant let me take her pair to try them out. I was impressed. Mainly because they didn't itch and they started to heal my nipples even faster! Apparently when the milk gets in them, the natural lanolin content of the wool mixes with the milk and has healing properties. Plus the wool helps to keep the moisture off your nipples, giving them a better chance to heal. Sweet!

I went online to the website and bought another pair. I bought the Ekstra-because I leak heavily, and they are just as soft as the Softline ones. So, if you are having any issues with leaking or sore nipples or know any other Mommies who are, point them in this direction. They will thank you for it!

In health in wellness,
Nicole Harter

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