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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Waiting Game

I do not know if it is just me, but near the end it doesn't seem like it can really happen unless you have all the last minute things done (although it totally can). I think my husband and I were almost putting off some of the things we needed to do because we knew the anxious waiting game would begin as soon as the to-do list was completed. Welp, we are there. The last few things are done:

Bags are packed. We went through the list of things to bring to the hospital. A helpful tip we got from the midwife was to pack 2 bags: one for labor and one for post-partum. Just carry the labor stuff with you when it is "go time" and then once you have the baby, your husband can go switch the bags. There is no need to lug ALL your stuff through the hospital, especially if you require room changes.

Car seat was put in and blessed by the local police station (so nice by the way). If you call and make an appointment, your local police or fire department will typically install it and explain to you how to use it.
  • Did you know that you HAVE to put the bar down on infant carriers for it to be installed correctly? And did you know that you shouldn't use those mirrors/toys on your seat?
  • If you get into an accident and your car is impacted, the carseat protects your baby by taking it for a "ride". The seat bounces up towards the seat--if there is a mirror or a bar there, that is what will impact baby on its head and face. You want the bar down and the seat clear so that the baby impacts the soft padding of the seat. Just thought you should know :)

Baby's room is set up and baby clothes are cleaned.

Grocery shopping is done. I went on a stock up trip for some essentials:

  • The freezer is full of frozen veggies (as I will probably get to the store very infrequently during the first few weeks and want access to something GREEN)!
  • Froze some easy-to-make meats for my husband to be able to put together quickly and stress-free.
  • Grabbed some whole wheat pasta and grains that we can make into easy one-pot meals.
  • Toilet paper! All the paper goods.

So, now what? I am due in 12 days and everything is ready. But waiting is difficult, and I read from one of my birthing books that a watched uterus doesn't contract! So it is time to pull out some labor projects. Labor what??? Yes, labor projects. Things you can accomplish that are non-essential that will distract you from the fact that you are waiting for baby. You do not want them to exhaust you or stress you out. You want them to keep you active and distracted!

So what are my labor projects?

  • Making curtains for the boys' rooms. Sewing is a good project. It keeps you active while not exhausting you, and it can keep you busy for hours.
  • Making and freezing some one-pot meals. This will be super useful when the baby comes. Cooking keeps you active and you feel like you did something useful for baby.
  • Cleaning out. Did you ever hear of someone cleaning and organizing all of their kitchen cabinets? Well, I probably won't be getting there. I will probably work on my bathrooms first. But it is useful to use that nesting instinct on something to pass the time (and you probably won't get to it for a long time once baby comes).
  • Blogging! Haha I may post a few more times to pass the time!

So, wish me luck. Hopefully I won't need to pass time for too much longer. I was 9 days early with my first and time will only tell to see if the pattern will continue.

In health and wellness,

Nicole Harter

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